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Optional Sales Add-Ons for Your Tally Book 

Introducing a revamped ecosystem within our timeless tally book, meticulously crafted to effortlessly fuse your marketing, sales, and execution processes, all while infusing unmatched value and fostering brand loyalty. To maximize your investment and ensure optimal positioning of your tally book, we provide several enhancements to boost its efficiency.

Note and Chart Holder

  • Features three classic plastic sleeves in the back of your tally book. 

  • Allows users to add custom information. 

  • Easily transferable between books while always carrying your brand. 

  • Permanent positioning ensures your brand travels wherever the tally book goes. 

Brand Positioning Kit

  • Enhance your brand's visibility across the job site. 

  • Utilizes the 60/40 frequency effect. 

  • Imprinted scratch pad personalizes the experience. 

  • Pad sheets are designed to be shared widely. 

  • Hard hat decals can be tucked inside the tally book cover for wider distribution. 

  • Unique bumper stickers expand brand visibility beyond the book, reaching homes and core environments. 

Free Service with Additional Purchases

With any additional purchase, we will provide a free service to add those items to your tally book at no extra cost. 

Information Cards

  • Capability to print additional cards to overcome line extension or provide job aids. 

  • Supplements information that doesn't fit on the cover. 

  • A questionnaire and checklist are provided to gather frequently asked questions or useful feedback. 

eTracker Software Add-Ons

  • A data collection tool accessible via the provided QR code. 

  • Capabilities include: 

  • Performance surveys for improved client feedback. 

  • A built-in Net Promoter Score evaluation system. 

  • Advanced marketing data collection to target top clients. 

  • Collaboration value-addition components to work closely with clients, enhancing your unique advantage. 

  • All reports come with automatic email distribution. 

  • Users can log in to filter, scan, redownload, and schedule custom reports.

360 Branding Strategy

  • A comprehensive branding approach utilizing custom marketing data. 

  • Amplifies the efficiency of your marketing strategy using the 80/20 principle around key customers. 

  • Ensures a 360-degree positioning of your message across multiple touchpoints including homes, kitchen tables, BBQ pits, golf outings, fishing trips, cars, and offices. 

  • Founded on research that supports the notion that salespeople need to be aware not only of your brand but also its utility and benefits. 

  • Compares favorably to traditional methods like making repetitive sales calls or leaving items like donuts or fruit baskets at front desks. 

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Note and Chart Holder

Information Cards

Brand Positioning Kit

eTracker Software Add-Ons

Free Service with Additional Purchases

360 Branding Strategy

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