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eTracker Worker Engagement and Data Collection Services (via QR Code)

Revolutionize workforce management and customer engagement with our reimagined tally book series. This innovative tool not only guarantees precision in execution and safety but also cultivates an environment of ongoing innovation and feedback, contributing to the mutual growth of all stakeholders.

Performance Enhancement

  • Assist teams in meeting and exceeding client expectations. 

  • Capture data from field workers, providing leadership with crucial feedback. 

  • Address both worker and client needs effectively. 

  • Focus on execution improvement, problem-solving, value creation, and rewarding excellence. 

  • Achieving a 9 or 10 on your Net Promoter Score.

Behavior-Based Safety Data Collection

Utilize a behavior-based approach to safety data collection. 

Gathering Information on Events

  • Near misses 

  • Unsafe conditions 

  • Use of STOP WORK authority 

Field Reconnaissance

Safety Data Collection

  • Elevate safety protocols through effective employee engagement and collaboration with management.

  • Provide clarity and accessibility to procedures to overcome the limitations of the mind.

  • Begin with a focus on Serious Injuries and Fatalities Procedures (SIFs) and Lifesaving Rules. 

  • Introduce a pocket toolbox and technical reference insertion in the tally book detailing execution steps, material preparation, direct control, secondary control, etc. 

  • Aim for not just flawless design but also flawless execution. 

  • Establish a continuous feedback system from employees, offering a cyclical learning impact.

  • A built-in questionnaire captures perspectives, ensuring you understand and learn from each employee's viewpoint. 

Fail-Safe Capacity Enhancement

Implement our seven-step process to enhance your fail-safe capacity. 

  • Information about the individual company man on projects. 

  • Third party support vendors. 

  • Future marketing and sales opportunities. 

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Performance Enhancement

Behavior-Based Safety Data Collection

Gathering Information on Events

Safety Data Collection

Fail-Safe Capacity Enhancement

Field Reconnaissance

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